Monday, January 31, 2011

Trails and trees and rivers and bees

We were just here...
Our pup is very fond of being outside (she takes after us). With less than an hour of daylight today, we decided to check out a little park Papa Bean found on his run the other day. It's a wee-regional park, a horse trail to a decent-sized river, a few picnic tables and an outhouse. The dog was in heaven, and even though we were only walking and exploring for half an hour, I was in heaven too. This place, which is pretty close to where we're living, may be a good spot for walking during the first stages of labour. What a great find!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Bean Dances

Last night, our neighbours invited us to join them at a 'members only' social club (a.k.a. house concert) to see a family band play their hearts out. Twenty bucks a head got us three hours of music and groan-worthy jokes, plus big pieces of homemade chocolate cake at the intermission and chai tea lattes on the side. It was really fun to be immersed within the locals, having fun, laughing and watching old men dance to Stevie Wonder cover tunes. Little Bean was a fan, not only of the chocolate cake, but of the music - I've got a little dancing/kicking spirit in my belly!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pyjama Evacuation or Bust

I've noticed, lately (like, for the past number of unemployed-living-at-my-parent's-place months), that if I don't get changed out of my pyjamas first thing after popping out of bed and racing to the bathroom for a pregnant gotta-go-now pee, I end up staying in those pyjamas all day long and head back to bed that evening without a second thought.

Now, this isn't such a bad thing. I save on laundry. I'm comfy all day. But, it also means that if the doorbell rings, I feel like a schmuck, and it also means that I probably haven't made it outside for even a small walk. Bad. Very bad. Especially for two or more days in a row. Yikes! If you're wondering, today is Day 2. And yes, I hate to admit it, but the same pj's for at least 48 hours! Oh, it sounds so much worse when writing it out. Okay. New leaf. Turn it. Now. But it's 7:30pm; maybe just one more night?.... Nope. Shower time.

And once the baby comes, I will remember writing this post and take the 18 seconds to change out of those pyjamas and into anything else before my day gets lost into night.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Belly

This past week, I was inspired by pregnant art on the walls of the midwife clinic: beautiful photographed scenes of the natural outdoors and lovely round bellies. I've been meaning to take pictures of my expanding belly, but it was one of those things at the back of the list. It is quite apparent that Little Bean could come any time now, and I would be sad if we hadn't made the effort to take some pictures. So, the other night, instead of going to bed like we really desired, we stayed up and made some really lovely photos.

All of the previous photos on this blog have been borrowed from the internet, but today, you get the real me, the real Little Bean!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ahhh.... Midwives

In answering a question about my concerns with labour and birth, I spoke of how I had more concerns before I obtained the services of midwives. I was concerned that a hospital birth with a physician could lead to unnecessary interventions, and lead me down a road where my body is not trusted in the process and not given the time it needs to do what it needs to do.  I was concerned that the energetic and physical environment around me would not be supportive, spiritual and special, and that this could lead to issues with my mind and body’s ability to let go and surrender to the ebbs and flows of this wondrous process. 

I now feel curious and excited about labour and birth, and I know that my new situation is suited well to the desires of my mind, my body and my spirit. Ahhhhhh.......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Signs

Seeing three different pods of Orcas on the journey to our new community surely must be a good sign.

Another confirmation this was a good move occurred in the grocery store as we entered town: EVERYONE smiled at me. Is it because I'm nine months pregnant? Is it because I look stunned? Or warm and welcoming? Whatever the reason, I was happy to be cruising the friendly isles of cool folks and families, and finding everything I was looking for.

Third sign: We're in our new house, and the dog is peacefully asleep.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Is it ever a good time to move?

It usually happens that I tend to do many things all at once, followed by long periods of not much action. Having a baby seems like a big thing to do, so we figured we'd add on to that by moving. Tomorrow. Who waits until being nine months preggo before moving? We do. But the most interesting part of our whole process is that neither of us are stressed, and it took us less than a day to pack up what we need (short story: we have been living out of suitcases since September anyway). We consider ourselves minimalists, but really, we have rented a fully furnished suite in our future community, so we just need our basics, plus some baby stuff. Let's move!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pregnant Eights!

A recent and habitual post-lunch time activity has been a swift (or not so swift) round of the card game Crazy Eights. With a slip of the tongue, Papa Bean has now renamed our game Pregnant Eights. Ahh... Forever you shall remain.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who doesn't like cows?

It's official. We own a car seat. Not just any car seat. A cow print car seat.
Papa Bean was hesitant on buying a new one, but I tried to convince him by telling him that car seats expire and by the time Little Bean goes through this one, we could still use it for Little Bean's sibling, should there be another Bean in our family. Plus, it was on sale. I think the clincher was not said logical ideas, rather the fact that it has cow print.

What's in a name?

The first question people typically ask us is, "Is it a boy or a girl?" and the response they receive is, "We dunno." The following question usually requests us to divulge the possible names for the baby, other than Little Bean, of course. It's amazing how eager we all are to label the new being, even before it's out in the real world! I'm guilty of this too with other friends who are pregnant, but it's nice to stop for a moment and be grateful for all the discoveries we have in getting to know our Little Bean starting now with the energy swirling in my womb, to the moment Little Bean emerges into life in the outer world, to the creativity and love shared as we all grow and learn about each other together.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What kind of bean soup is it?

Little Bean has been cooking for close to eight months now. Everyone wants to know what kind of bean soup he or she will be. At this point, the most we can say is that Little Bean will be some combination of us, the parents, but with his or her own desires and dreams.... and that today, Little Bean has the ability to hiccup while massaging my inner rib cage.