Saturday, November 5, 2011

Losing My Sense

See, I've got this mega head cold. It's gripped my sinuses and filled them with muck, and keeps squeezing them so my eyes leak like a dripping tap and my head feels like it's in a vice. Ugh.

With all this, I've lost my sense of smell. There are benefits to this: I couldn't smell the chunky milk I tossed after returning home from a two-week vacation.

The less desirable effect of this cold is not being able to taste. I just polished off a few slices of a juicy, tasteless orange. Not a drop of sweetness experienced by me. Seems like a bit of a waste, really. On the flip side, I was aware of all the textures instead. It was like I was 'tasting' fiber. Take all the sweetness out of an orange and that's what you're left with.