Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Squeezing out the not-so-good to make room for the good


I have a photographic memory, and as such have vivid images rummaging through my mind quite a bit during my waking, and dreaming hours.

Of late, I've noticed images from movies I've seen come up in my awareness. Not of a movie that I watched last week, but one I watched 15 years ago or more (e.g. Pulp Fiction). It seems that some of the violence and negative scenes are etched in my existence forever, and remain quite clear and intact. This is rather incredible to me. I wonder why I watched those movies in the first place, and had I known I'd be so tied to their images years later, would I have been so nonchalant about the violence I was watching?

Instead of questioning my past, I'm moving forward with intention. I've not watched violence or extreme drama (is that a category?) on television (not having a t.v. helps a lot) or in movies, and I find this intention streaming into my book selections.

What do I want to be putting into my mind? How does it affect me? Is it going to support me in my life?

When I look at those three questions, it's easy to say, "No thanks" when faced with two hours of violent 'fiction'. I realize that violence is violence; whether it's fiction or not, my body can't tell the difference.

What am I doing with my spare time, if I'm not watching t.v. or movies, or reading the third installment of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo" series? I'm reading about adventure travel. I'm reading about yoga and psychology. And better yet, I'm making my own plans for adventure travel with my family, and I'm practicing yoga and making plans to set up my yoga therapy practice. I'm squeezing out the not-so-good of brief 'entertainment', be it violent or not, and making plenty of space for the great things that support me and my interests.

My mind is thankful for the peace and inspiration.

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