Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pop Culture

Do I know the latest fun songs on the radio? What movies are in the theatre? Uh, no. But, I find myself reciting the following in my mind as I sit in the bath:

Ben's band. Bim's band. Big bands. Pig bands.
Bim and Ben lead bands with brooms.
Ben's band bangs and Bim's band booms.

Dr. Seuss is pop culture, right? Well, from many, many moons ago.

I secretly feel kind of privileged not to be a part of the mainstream coolness factor. It's so much easier not knowing about all that stuff, and therefore not caring about it or spending time trying to be immersed in it all.

Plus, my memorization of Dr. Seuss literature probably makes for a much better party discussions, should I ever find myself at a party these days. Ha! Yeah, right.

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